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Welcome to Bringing Moms home. This website was created by one mom on a mission to find that elusive balance we all long for. You know you….it all started with’mommy-guilt’ a burning passion for writing and helping others and the pursuit of ‘real’ happiness. I decided to do something totally crazy and (gasp) work for myself! I remember being at work, daydreaming of all of the things I would love to do but had no time for. I would hear stories of others really living….you know truly living. Doing the things they are passionate about. I would read stories of moms who did the unthinkable…created a successful business at home and thought to myself, why not me? Why not put my business degree to work.I hated dropping my boys off everyday for someone else to raise them….I hated it! I cried inside everyday. It was gutwreching. I was missing everything. Trading time with my kids for a few dollars and for what? To make someone else rich? To build someone else’s  dreams? When my youngest son was hospitalized, my older son was,at the same time diagnosed with Autism, I was in the middle of moving, going through a divorce after a 16 year marriage and I was dealing with my own health crisis..at that point I came pretty close to driving in the nervous breakdown lane and I knew something had to give.

I’ve always had the mind-set of an entreprenur…ok maybe just a tad stuburn and willful. But in business that’s a good thing right? I had been making money online for a really long time so I knew that it was possible. I would just have to step things up and give it everything I had. What the heck was I thinking? Just kidding, no regrets! I have never worked longer or harder in my life, but I have never had so much drive to work because I know everything that I do I’m doing is for my family and I, I’m not building someone else’s dreams.

I’ve been a blogger since my oldest son was born five years ago. I have always loved writing. From the time I was in high school and that passion had never died. I was never a cheerleader or played sports but I was on the yearbook and newspaper staff…yep a nerd pretty much. I’m now 38 and still kind of a nerd…I write ebooks for fun…that’s fun right!? I blog and do youtube videos (mommas2monkeys), equally as fun and I have an etsy shop (earhtangelclothing), I sell on Amazon and ebay and I write for others as well as help with tech-y stuff. That’s a word right? I have found several ways to create income streams as well as passive income (more on this later).

If any of this sounds familiar and you too want to find a better way to balance life, work and parenthood….feel free to follow me on my journey. I will be posting about work at home business opportunites, what I’m up to and home business reviews.

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