New Years Goals 2016

goal setting pic (1)
I love lists. I’m a chronic list maker…there I said it, it’s my dirty little secret. I guess that’s why I love making New years Resolutions. With the New Year, I feel revived…like I can leave last year behind and start with a clean slate. This past year was jam packed full of joys, disappointments, new beginnings, broken relationships, mending relationships and working really hard on my goals that I set many years ago. Every year I feel like I get closer and closer those goals I set a long time ago. While some have been checked off the list, I still add more and never feel like I will ever be quite where I want to be, I feel like there is always room to learn, grow and improve. Life is a journey not a destination, right?
What do I feel like I got done this year? I think the last few months were by far the most productive. I feel like I got more comfortable with being divorced, after being in a relationship it has been weird having my own place after an 18 year relationship. I feel like I have made a lot of progress professionally. The first part of the year started off with me working as a sales rep for a technology company. After my youngest son got really sick, being hospitalized and my other son being diagnosed with Autism, I decided to make some serious changes this summer. I quit my job and started writing, working on side businesses like ebay and etsy more and built some websites, got into youtube, I published four new ebooks, I also got more into social media marketing and have found love in graphic design. I started new business ventures, I started  (after having blogsot for five years) with very little help which I am proud to say I now love wordpress! I’m feeling more and more like I computer nerd…. or as I like to refer to as ‘techie’. I’m also getting into video editing, which I love! I also went back to school to finish my B.A in marketing and finance, a goal that was put on the back burner after personal issues like divorce and moving and not to mention dealing with some health issues. I might have to have back surgery and I have fibromyalgia. I really at times feel like working a ‘traditional’ job might be outta the question right now. Or maybe forever… well hopefully. I hate working for other people and building other peoples dreams. Sorry if that sounds selfish but one of the main lessons I want to teach my sons is self reliance. In this economy you could be at your job 30 years and not know if it will be there tomorrow. That is just way things are. You can’t count on someone hold all the cards… you can’t put all your eggs in one my analogies? You get the idea.
Overall, it was a pretty well rounded year. And a productive one, in spite of some set backs, I feel like I finished it off with a bang! I do feel like I could have worked harder on building and maintaining relationships though. I think my mind has been so consumed with work that I can’t think about anything else. Once I have the foundation built then I can take a step back and well, breathe. Right now my main focus is on social media marketing, affilate marketing, and fine tuning everything I have in place. Here are some goals I have for this year. I hope they inspire you in some way if you are also looking for ways to transition into freelancing or starting your own business venture.
#1 Continue working on building multiple steams of income as well as building passive income streams.
Here’s what I’ve been working on…
-Ebooks (KDP Amazon) I have 5 now
-Ghost writing
-Web design and blog design
(SO that’s ten platforms for income)
*fun fact: Most millionaires have at least 7 sources of income)
#2 Finish degree
#3 Maintain blogs and websites and hire one person to help with that
#4 Write more ebooks on money saving and work at home opportunities
#5 Buy a new (used) car and pay cash (feb)
#6 Go on a real vacation (probably to L.A.again)
#7 Go to Fincon (may or may not happen)
#8 Take on more writing work and blog work
#9 Write an ecourse on building multiple streams of income as well as passive income (more on this later)
#10 Get better at youtube and video editing as well as social media marketing
#11 Save more money and try to live on only 50%, with my expenses under $1000 a month I think it can be done. I want to save up $12,000 to buy some land.
#12 Become a better writer and blogger and make more connections within the field.
#13 Take on some web design work as time permits
#14 Write at least a few more ebooks
#15 Teach some local classes again. Haven’t done this is a few years. Doing this got me over my public speaking fear and now I actually enjoy it. That means a lot coming from someone who has been dealing with social anxiety for many years.
#16 learn how to balance my time and energy better and stick to a schedule of what I work on when.
#17 Help out in my son’s class more.
What are your 2016 goals? Leave a comment. I would love to see what other mom’s have as goals this year.
Wishing you a productive 2016!

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