Hustling Housewife Series #2 How to make instant cash using one FREE website!

For those of you who are following my blogs. I just want to say thank you! Even if you are just reading this article, I want to say thank you. It is because of you that I get these ideas and I’m up at almost 1 a.m writing blog content. I want to share what I’ve learned, lessons learned the easy and the hard ways. I want to show people, not just moms, that you can start a business at home. You just need to know how to avoid the scams and you need to be able to find legitimate, real money making opportunities. This blog only posts real work at home opportunities. Ones that I have either tested myself, have some kind of personal experience with or have done extensive research on. I was once in your shoes, not knowing where to start, looking for ways to balance it all, and be able to have the freedom of working at home. Ok, on with the show, enough rambling….
#2 Hustling Housewife Series Making money with…drum roll please…..Craigslist
Craigslist is a wonderful resource for making money at home because there are several ways you can do this.
#1 Sell stuff you don’t want. Have an old dusty bookcase, or old vintage chair? Sell it for cash…today!
#2 Look through the FREE section of Craigslist for things people are giving away like furniture, collectibles, clothes, household items, etc. Then what you can do is turn around and re-sell the things you got free on either Craigslist or, even websites like ebay. You might have to sand and re-paint a table or clean a sofa but it is well worth your time in most cases. You can also just drop the items off at local consignment stores. One I go to in my area takes 40% but, they store and market the items, and mail the checks on the 15th after items sell. It’s well worth getting an unexpected check for a couple hundred dollars for something you got free.
#3 Offer your services. What can you do that you can turn into cash? Can you write an article, design a website, edit a video, take some wedding pics? Are you crafty? Sell your crafts on Craigslist as well. Still not sure what you can do? Just simply browse through catergories and see what others are offering. That should inspire you in some way.
So there you have it #2 CRAIGSLIST
More of this Series to come!

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