From quiet little housewife, to business bitch!


First of all I want to apologize in advance for using what most would consider a deragatory word, the word b$&@h!! I also considered it a bad word too, until I thought about it from a different perspective, let me explain. Look at all the women you know, all the women you follow on social media or YouTube, etc. What do the successful women have that the unsuccessful women don’t?

Successful women carry themselves differently, hold their head high, and voice their opinions regularly. Some might think of them as bitchy or bitches, because of this. Women who have a ‘take charge, move over or I’ll run you over’, kind of attitude might be intimidating or thought to be ‘bitchy’.

I’ve been blogging for over seven years as well as freelance writing and teaching business related classes. I’ve made mistakes, I’ve learned a lot and I’ve grown as a woman, mom and blogger.

One of the biggest lessons I’ve learned in the blogging and business world is this!

In order to succeed in this cut throat industry, you have to have a unique perspective, a unique voice and…brace yourself, you are going to have to piss a few people off! There I said it! I’m sorry. I had to. I’ve been holding this one back for a while!

Let’s take a look at the blogger Ruth Soukup, from the blog, She started blogging the same year I did (I’m embarrassed to say) I’m pretty sure in 2010. Like me, she started in the whole blogging world by getting into Extreme Couponing, because, much like myself, she was a shopaholic and spending too much. She had to find ways to cut back. Anyhow, long story short, fast forward to the year 2013. Ruth Soukup, did something most were shocked about, but it caused a viral buzz and propelled her blog to the next level!

What was this one thing you ask?

She created a controversy. She got people talking and truth be told, she pissed a lot of people off!

Here was the title of her post….

”Why I took all my kids toys away and why they’re not getting them back”.

As a mom and a blogger I had to click on this Pinterest pin and read it! I could not, not read it.

See what I mean? Viral!!!!

So why do you need to do something like this?

You want to stand out! Get your name out there, get blog traffic, sell your time, sell your products, and sell your unique perspective. I know first hand how much time goes into blogging. It’s a huge time commitment. You want to get paid, let me rephrase that, you need to get paid! Your time is valuable! Time is money! You either have excess time or excess money, usually not both, am I right? Find a way to make more money with less time and you will be on the right path. That being said, I highly recommend the book, The Four Hour Work Week, by Time Ferris for more about this concept. More on this later.

So about creating a stir, I will say this, you have to decide how far you are willing to go to Propell your blog and your business. Don’t sacrifice your health, dignity, sanity or values just for a blog post though. Do keep in mind, any one of your blog posts could be the one you are known for. Make your voice heard, but be authentic, there is only one you! Show your truth, your vulnerability, your mistakes. Doing this will make you more relatable, more real, more human. We all are in this together moms. Let’s support each other and lift each other up!

I hope this helps! I would love to hear your opinions about this! Good or bad!

Let’s get talking! What did you do to take you blog to the next level?








100 Top Companies with Remote Jobs in 2016 – FlexJobs

We are excited to announce the release of our third annual list of the 100 top companies to watch for remote jobs in the year ahead! Check it out!

Source: 100 Top Companies with Remote Jobs in 2016 – FlexJobs



To view more information about each company, and see its past job openings, click the company name. FlexJobs members will also see current open jobs. Not yet a FlexJobs member? Register now to get access to thousands of flexible and remote job listings from over 40,000 companies!

  1. LiveOps **
  2. TeleTech **
  3. Amazon **
  4. Sutherland Global Services **
  5. UnitedHealth Group **
  6. Dell **
  7. IBM
  8. U.S. Department of Agriculture **
  9. Working Solutions **
  10. Humana **
  11. Aetna **
  12. Intuit **
  13. Kaplan **
  14. Kelly Services **
  15. Cactus Communications **
  16. Westat **
  17. Salesforce **
  18. PAREXEL **
  19. CyberCoders
  20. American Express **
  21. VMware **
  22. SAP **
  23. Xerox **
  24. First Data **
  25. US-Reports **
  26. Oracle
  27. CACI International
  28. A Place for Mom
  29. Anthem, Inc. **
  30. Dell SecureWorks
  31. World Travel Holdings **
  32. ADP **
  33. Aon **
  34. University of Maryland University College **
  35. Allergan Inc
  36. K12 **
  37. U.S. Department of Transportation **
  38. CSI Companies
  39. Robert Half **
  40. Nielsen **
  41. Red Hat **
  42. Adobe Systems
  43. Overland Solutions, Inc. **
  44. BCD Travel
  45. Connections Education **
  46. Deloitte **
  47. Apple **
  48. McKesson Corporation **
  49. Thermo Fisher Scientific **
  50. Precyse **
  51. Haynes & Company **
  52. Pharmaceutical Product Development Inc.
  53. IT Pros Philadelphia
  54. Cigna **
  55. Houghton Mifflin Harcourt **
  56. Sungard Availability Services
  57. Infor
  58. Sodexo **
  60. Altegra Health
  61. GE – General Electric
  62. Western Governors University **
  63. Grand Canyon University
  64. Walden University
  65. Vivint
  66. BroadSpire
  67. Covance **
  68. Ellucian
  69. HD Supply **
  70. Perficient Inc.
  71. Teradata **
  72. Wells Fargo **
  73. Symantec Corporation
  74. Real Staffing **
  75. Science Applications International Corporation – SAIC **
  76. AmerisourceBergen Corporation
  77. Appen **
  78. Hartford Financial Services Group
  79. RetailData
  80. SYKES
  81. CSRA
  82. Citizens Financial Group
  83. CVS Health
  84. Healthfirst **
  85. American Heart Association **
  86. BMC Software
  87. hibu
  88. inVentiv Health **
  89. Rosetta Stone
  90. Erie Insurance Group **
  91. Worldpay **
  92. Clevertech **
  93. Achieve Test Prep **
  94. Deluxe **
  95. DataStax **
  96. CDK Global **
  97. Teleflex
  98. Aquent **
  99. Parallon
  100. U.S. Department of the Interior



She believed she could, so she did. How to manifest the life you want!

woman and man on beach

We’ve all seen the movie Charlie and the Chocolate Factory right? If you haven’t it is one of those classic, must see movies of all time. In the movie Charlie is a very poor boy, his family struggles to make ends meet everyday, he works a job delivering papers to help his family and dreams of one day escaping poverty. One day a contest is announced that became his ticket to escape. He wins the contest that millions wanted to win. Was it by luck? He was obviously not a lucky boy in most aspects, he had every disadvantage. So why did his life suddenly shift? Because he believed it could. That’s the power we hold within ourselves. It’s much more than just thinking positive. It’s more about thinking directly about the things we want to come into our lives.We can’t focus on the things we don’t want, but rather think about the things you want, in a direct and affirmative way. Here’s an example of how this worked for me.

A few years back there was a local radio station contest that had one of the biggest prizes ever offered. It was for an event called The Grown and Sexy Prom. I know right? Since I hadn’t been to my own prom in high school I thought it would be fun to have the chance to re-live this moment that had slipped away. So my husband and I bought tickets, from the moment I heard this ad on the radio, for some weird reason I kept having this mental picture in my mind I couldn’t shake about me winning. I wanted to win really bad, but I think it was more than that. I could not get this thought out of my head. It was a part of my day, everyday. When the event came, we had the time of our lives, so much fun! Then, we won! We were crowned King and Queen, we were on the news, and we were the winners of a $3000 prize! A houseboat vacation. I honestly feel like the reason why we won was because I believed I could and had the vision of winning everyday.

There’s a website I follow called Lucky Bitch, I know right, crazy title. But you need to check this website out. The lady that runs this website won a 6 months all expenses paid vacation around the world, which changed her life, all because she believed she could and saw herself as the winner. In everything she did, she points out 50 positive affirmations she did everyday to have this mindset and, guess what? It worked! She is one lucky B! She is now a life coach and money mastermind. Kinda like the Female version of Dave Ramsey but with a lot more sass!

How have you manifested great things? Tell me in a comment below if this kind of thing has every happened to you.


More on this to come!