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She believed she could, so she did. How to manifest the life you want!

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We’ve all seen the movie Charlie and the Chocolate Factory right? If you haven’t it is one of those classic, must see movies of all time. In the movie Charlie is a very poor boy, his family struggles to make ends meet everyday, he works a job delivering papers to help his family and dreams of one day escaping poverty. One day a contest is announced that became his ticket to escape. He wins the contest that millions wanted to win. Was it by luck? He was obviously not a lucky boy in most aspects, he had every disadvantage. So why did his life suddenly shift? Because he believed it could. That’s the power we hold within ourselves. It’s much more than just thinking positive. It’s more about thinking directly about the things we want to come into our lives.We can’t focus on the things we don’t want, but rather think about the things you want, in a direct and affirmative way. Here’s an example of how this worked for me.

A few years back there was a local radio station contest that had one of the biggest prizes ever offered. It was for an event called The Grown and Sexy Prom. I know right? Since I hadn’t been to my own prom in high school I thought it would be fun to have the chance to re-live this moment that had slipped away. So my husband and I bought tickets, from the moment I heard this ad on the radio, for some weird reason I kept having this mental picture in my mind I couldn’t shake about me winning. I wanted to win really bad, but I think it was more than that. I could not get this thought out of my head. It was a part of my day, everyday. When the event came, we had the time of our lives, so much fun! Then, we won! We were crowned King and Queen, we were on the news, and we were the winners of a $3000 prize! A houseboat vacation. I honestly feel like the reason why we won was because I believed I could and had the vision of winning everyday.

There’s a website I follow called Lucky Bitch, I know right, crazy title. But you need to check this website out. The lady that runs this website won a 6 months all expenses paid vacation around the world, which changed her life, all because she believed she could and saw herself as the winner. In everything she did, she points out 50 positive affirmations she did everyday to have this mindset and, guess what? It worked! She is one lucky B! She is now a life coach and money mastermind. Kinda like the Female version of Dave Ramsey but with a lot more sass!

How have you manifested great things? Tell me in a comment below if this kind of thing has every happened to you.


More on this to come!

Why work from home?

First of all, I just want to say sorry to anyone still with me on this blog. I’ve taken a step back to deal with some personal and family issues and have been on a journey of self discovery and maybe a bit of self loathing if I’m being totally honest. I was at the point in my life where I was being challenged. With a blog, as most bloggers know, it is very time consuming, well, really all consuming. The amount of time you dedicate to blogging takes away from other things in your life, and the time commitment starts to effect relationships. When you start a business, any business really,  it’s a process, and not an overnight process. We live in a society where everyone wants results now, well more like yesterday. When you start a business or blog, it’s a struggle, your heart has to be into it, you have to put your blood, sweat and tears into it before you get the kind of results you dream of. Us writers, entreprenuers and bloggers know this right? For those on the other side of the fence, that broken mangled fence, not so much white picketish fence I might add, it’s hard to understand how someone could put so much effort into something that does not bring instant gratification or success and not to mention, money. So for anyone struggling with building a business, or a blog, or a dream for that matter, I understand, believe me, I do that’s really the whole reasoning behind this blog and business model. Just having a supportive community of like minded individuals who get it, who are on the same journey. It really takes a great support system doing something this bold and unconventional. When you don’t have that support,the struggle is real. I’m had to deal with so much negativity lately, it’s unreal. But yet I press on. So why did I not give up? I almost did because of lack of support.I finally feel like I’m at a turning point. I had some opportunities fall into my lap, some writing and teaching jobs and I really feel like I’m at a turning point. If I turn back now the past few months will have been for nothing. If someone can’t understand my journey, then they don’t have any business being on it with me. And so I pressed on.

So, if it’s this hard to “work from home” why would anyone want to do this? You might be asking yourself. Here are some of the reasons why someone would want to escape the concrete jungle of time constraints, rude customers, coffee IV’s and water cooler gossip.

Here are some reasons why someone would want to work at home, or need to.

#1 You aren’t building someone else’s dream. Everyday I worked for someone else, I swear a piece of myself died with every moment that went by. I was always dreaming of the things I really wanted to do. I felt like a rat in a cage.

#2 Less stress. More focus. You don’t have to worry about fitting in, dressing well, spending your hard earned money on office obligations like a cake for your bosses b-day or being suckered into buying Scentsy from a co-worker. No gossip queens and work cliques. No waking up at 5am for an hour commute, wasting more time driving than actually working, you have more time to *gasp* actually work. What a concept right? Don’t get me wrong, there’s still stress working from home, but you know it will not be in vain, you can see the bigger picture. Where will you be three to five years from now?

#3 Less expenses. If you stop and think about it. How much do you pay to work? Yes, jobs do cost money, it’s always the amount per month or the amount per hour we focus on when working a traditional job. But do you know how much out of that salary you are paying to be there? Food for thought. You have childcare if you have kids. In CA where I live it’s $100 a week per child so for me that’s $200 a week. You have to pay for gas for your commute. That could be a huge expense depending on how far you drive. Let’s assume $50 a week. You will want a Starbucks white mocha Frappacinno for a morning pick me up so $5 a day. Then there’s lunch, at least $5. So those two things that’s $50. Then you have work clothes and things like nails and hair, you have to look good right? Another maybe $100  a week. If you are working a job making $10 an hour you would really be bringing home, sadly, nearly nothing. You are basically working for free. Now this is assuming you are the secondary earner in the family. If you are a single parent there is help and assistance for child care which would make it a little easier.

#4 Health issues. Maybe you can’t work a traditional job right now. Maybe you can’t be reliable for a real job because of health problems. Maybe you are going through chemo or have a condition like lupus or fibromyalgia (I was diagnosed with this about five years ago) or you have chronic migraines. Maybe you can work, but need to at your own pace, around your symptoms or your appointments.

#5 You want to be there for your kids. For me I have a son with Autism who needs a lot of attention, help and support. For anyone that has a child with any kind of disability (I hate that word because it is more of a gift than a curse), you need to have a job with flexibility. My son has major tantrums, it is so hard to be on a traditional schedule with a child having Autism. You have to have the ability to go with the flow, my days are often directed by his moods. When I was working a normal job, there were many days I was late due to him not wanting to get ready and having tantrums. Having a child with Autism is no walk in the park, it’s a challenge and you have to work around their schedule.

#6 You have skills that don’t fit the traditional job mold. I live in an economically challenging area. The main industries to work in are retail and healthcare. If you are freelance writer, web designer or fashion designer, this is a problem in my area. If I lived in Seattle, L.A or New York it would not be a problem. When what you really want to do is rather unconventional, think about working online. You can start a store, you can write pretty much anywhere you live and as far as web designer jobs you can do that online as well, where ever you go. Create the job you want.

#7 You are on your own watch. No more getting up a 4am, no more watching the clock as it seems to get slower and slower the closer it is to five o’clock. You can now set you own schedule, schedule your appointments and errands around your own commitments. For me this is the main reason working from home works for me. I can take my son to school, I work around his school schedule and appointments.  Therese my typical day. I get up and work a little before my kids wake up. Make breakfast, spend some time with the boys when they wake up. Take my oldest son to school, run my errands then come back, work some more. Then I pick him back up at 4 make dinner, clean up, do laundry, watch a program with the boys or some homework and activities. Then when they go to bed I work a little more. This works for me, I love having flexibility, it’s the number one thing I have to have in a job

#8 Ability to work a anywhere. Wanna take your laptop poolside and soak up some rays? Why not? Wanna sit on your deck with a nice cup of Joe and listen to the birds sing? Why not? You can work anywhere. This is the joy of working at home. Do you live in a very rural area with not much happening? Your only option to bring in income might be working from home.

#9 You can do what you love. Why not create the job of your dreams? What do you daydream about doing? Can you create a business out of that? Are you just going through the motions at your job, day by day, like a robot set on autopilot? It might be time to transition out of your mundane, boring job and into your new life.

#10 Creative freedom. Do you like to be in charge of the big decisions? Do you feel comfortable taking the lead on projects? I personally feel the most fulfilled when I’m able to express myself creatively, whether that be through writing, blogging, youtube videos or doing sewing fashions for my etsy shop. I love the ability to “color outside of the lines” and try new things. Entrepreneurship is all about learning and growing through trial and error, it’s also about taking big changes and seeing great rewards.

Has anyone read the book The Secret? Well I did years ago, but just recently am I putting it back into action in my life. You have to be happy and content in your life right now in order to bring in more. You have to think of your business as a great success and envision it wholeheartedly in order to manifest success. More on this whole concept later. I will update you to let you know how it’s working.

Goodnight everyone.

It’s after 1 am time for bed.






Hustling Housewife Series:#3 Another stream of income: Etsy shop





We have all heard about etsy right? For those of you that don’t know, etsy is a handmade website for creative’s and artisans all over the world. You can find everything from a dog tutu to a blog templates, wait, what? Yes, you can even sell digital products! More on this later but this is a very good thing. Omg, did I just channel Martha Stewart on that one? Ok, back to business.

If you are creative in any way you may want to consider starting an etsy shop. If you have even ten hours a week to dedicate to it. You can get it up and running in no time.

Here’s how I got started with etsy. I was at a really hard place in my life, I was struggling with infertility. I came to the realization that I probably wouldn’t be able to have kids after ten years,  three surgeries for endometriosis, and with the third ending in the removal of one ovary. I needed a distraction, something to throw myself into full force to get my mind focused in something else. I thought about it for awhile, then stumbled upon etsy, it was perfect. Finally a place to sell the things I had been making for years. I started sewing when I was 8 years old and I loved it, I even considered going to the Fashion Institute of San Fransico in high school, but after I graduated I followed my boyfriend( who later became my husband, now ex) to Oregon, to get out of my mom’s house really.

I started sewing again when I was around 20 years old. I started spending a lot of money on the supplies needed to make all the things I was crafting. The main expenditure being fabric. So it was either stop sewing or find a way to save on fabric. I ended up upcycling old clothing, sheets, pillow cases, really anything that had a large amount of usable fabric. I then started making quilts, dresses, purses, hats, even dog clothes, anything I felt like making. I ended up settling on women’s clothing.

I then started my shop earthangelclothing.etsy.com and it actually did pretty well, I ended up starting another shop, which is now closed, to expand my customer base. I was selling things like custom swimsuits for upwards of $120 each. Times sure have changed and now it seems like everyone and their grandma has an etsy shop, it’s a pretty staturated market now, and etsy started allowing other items that were manufactured into the market place, which was a bad mistake. There is just no way to compete with manufactured items when you only make handmade items. Something handmade just can’t be sold for the same amount or you wouldn’t make any money. So that’s the bad news.

Here’s the good news. You can still open a shop and be successful but it takes a very strategic plan. You need amazing lighting, great pics and a great presentation. I even recently invested in a full size mannequin to boost my sells.


pastel tunic front full view

This is the best deal I have found online for full sized mannequins

Here is the link to this one.



After presentation, the next thing to do is market your  items on all social media outlets like, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and above all Pintrest. You need to analyse your competition and see what they are pricing their items at that are similar.

Another  important tip. Keep your expenses low. You really don’t need to invest in much from the get go. You can take pics with your iPhone or android phone, you can find supplies at thrift stores, yard sales, or even go through what you already have. You can even find crafting supplies at the Dollar Tree. I’ve seen everything from glue, floral items, felt, paint, plaster, modge podge. Think outside the box, I’ve even got some good ideas by going to my local hardware store. There might be something you could use there. Cut pipe cut for bracelets, washers painted and used for jewelery, use what you have and what you can get cheap or even free. Maybe even repurpose things like milk jugs you could cut them and use them for something. You could save baby food jars and make bath products and decorate the jar really cute. The sky’s the  limit.


Here’s a handmade bracelet cuff.

*More on etsy to come. Also, check out Renae Christine on youtube. She’s an Etsy guru. She helps launch etsy businesses and gives tips, tricks and ideas on getting started and being successful with your handmade business.*