How to make $1000 a week selling used clothing on ebay!

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How to make a living selling used clothing on Ebay

Do you have a passion for fashion? Are you obsessed with clothes and your closet is bursting at the seams? Just admit it! You are a clothes hoarder! I am a self confessed hoarder of clothes and I’m going to show you how you can turn your obsession into profit! Learn how you can actually make a living selling used clothing!

I’ve been selling ebay on and off for over a decade and I have learned a lot of tips and tricks along the way, so many in fact I wrote an e-book about selling ( and few tricks on buying) on ebay here’s a link if you are interested.

Let’s just jump right in

1)Find your niche. Narrow your focus. This is a mistake I made in the early days and I’m sure a lot of other sellers do too. Are you selling baseball cards, shoes and watches?! Stop right there, re-direct your focus. This will save you time and money. I used to frantically be calculating postage or finding huge boxes for larger items. It got stressful and very confusing.  What do you know about? What products do you find yourself buying the most yourself? Stick with what you know and love because chances are you will know price points, stay focused, intrigued and which will allow you to be a lot more successful.

2) Decide how much you need to make and the time you can invest. If you only have a couple hours a week to dedicate to ebay then you most likely won’t be able to make $1000 a week or even a month, well unless you find the right niche. More on this later.

For me, my niche is women’s name brand clothing. I have always sold name brand clothing, because, well I love clothes, if I started selling baseball cards for example, I would get bored and burned out quickly since it’s not my specialty or my expertise and I would probably lose money simply because I wouldn’t know how much the cards are worth, which would be detrimental to buying and selling these items.

3)Buy low and sell high. How low can you go? This is the name of the game! If you remember nothing else from this article, remember this phrase… BUY LOW, SELL HIGH! This is something that you will understand and learn about more through trial and error. In my genre, name brand clothing, I try to find things at the lowest price to make the maximum profit. Some of the best places I’ve found for finding re-sale items are yard sales, thrift stores, rummage sales, etc. I’ve had the best luck with church rummage sales because you can usually get things for $1 or $2 a bag on the last day of the sale. Same goes for yard sales, on the last day people really just want to get rid of stuff so they are much more willing to negotiate. Don’t be afraid to tell the sellers that you are a reseller, I find that being upfront and honest about your intensions for the items can help…sometimes. You really just have to weigh the situation and know when to talk and when to keep it zipped. If you frequent a certain store chances are you will get to know the owner or workers and it will eventually come into the conversation. Sometimes this is a very good thing because once they know you are kind of in the same business they are more willing to negotiate. One thrift store owner I know gives me a deal and free items every time I go in. Like 50 an item. I recently went to a school rummage sale on the last day, it was a half hour before they closed. I saw a ton of good name brand clothes that I knew I could flip for a profit. I asked the sellers , “could you make me a deal if I bought a whole box? I’m an ebay reseller.” The lady running the show said, “absolutely! How about all of them for $20”! So I literally bought all of the clothes left, now keep in mind not all of these clothes were ones I was wanting, but I didn’t have time to sort through them, I had my two boys in the car and I figured I could sell some, give some away and donate the rest. Always be on the lookout for deals like this.

4)Know you market and your buyer. Who is your customer? What is your customer into? What are the current trends this customer would be interested in? Let’s take for example, teens. There will always be a market for teen girl clothing. Most teen girls love to buy clothing. Study what your customer would be buying. Research on google and ebay, look at all the current fashion magazines, research key words and think like your targeted customer. Study, learn and grow daily. Be a sponge and learn as much as you can about this industry. I also watch videos on youtube. Youtubers like Pickin’ Profits and Resale Rabbit are good examples of ebayers that know what to buy and how to sell.  Dedicate an hour a day to learning the business. Even if that is just reading a few blogs.

The good stuff: So how much can I make?

Let’s talk for a minute about money and unfortunately there will be some math involved in this equation, yes some math humor, I tried. I really hate math, not gonna lie, so I will try to simplify it as much as I can.

How much is your time worth? Only you can answer that question. One person’s time might be worth $10 while anothers time might be worth $100. If you spend one hour on this business how much do you need to make in order to make your time count in that one hour?

Let’s say you make $15 an hour at your full time office job. If you are selling on eBay you probably want to make close to this amount for your time. Now you have to calculate expenses, like how much it costs to buy the items, shipping costs and packaging supplies, as well as ebay and PayPal fees. So here’s a scenario to break things down for you a bit.

You buy a pair of jeans at a rummage sale for $1 you decide they are worth about $30 on eBay after doing a few minutes of research and seeing what other sellers have these jeans listed for you have your price point.

After the cost of the jeans is factored in you will be left with $29. Let’s say $1 for packaging supplies and then $5 for fees. So you are left with $23 so for me that is worth my time.

Now listing a pair of jeans only takes about five minutes so what if you could list 12 pairs of these same kind of jeans or items? Could you do this in one hour’s time? It’s very possible, especially if the jeans where nearly the same you can copy listings to save time.

So if all of the jeans you sold were sold for $30 12x $23= $276. So how’s that for an hour’s worth of work? In my opinion enough to quit your job and make a full time living with ebay. Just think about having five hours per week or even five hours per day.

$276 (one hours work)

$276 x 5 (one week) =$1,380 Could you find five hours a week for an extra $1,380?

My guess is yes!

What if you had an extra five hours a day? You could generate an extra $6,900 a month, probably enough at that point to quit your day job right?

The trick is finding the right items, finding them for the lowest price and consistently listing, the more listings you have going at all times, the more money you will generate.

My advice is start with 100 items on a buy it now auction. Even if you found $10 jeans and they all sold on a buy it now auction that is $1,000 generated (before fees and cost of items) even if you have 100 items that sell on a 3 day auction for the average price of $5 that’s still $500 generated. Can you list 100 this week to make an extra $500? Or even if you do 25 listings a week you would still make $500 extra a month (minus fees). That’s still not bad for a few hours worth of work right?

Even if you are an eBay newbie, this platform is so easy to learn, I highly recommend it for anyone wanting to learn about selling online. Even if your business outgrows ebay, this is the perfect and simplest platform I know of to get you started and teach you the ends and outs if the business. From sourcing items, to pricing, packaging, shipping, postage, marketing, etc. There are so many invaluable lessons I learned by starting on eBay over ten years ago. I was in my early twenties, 22 I think when I listed my first item. A college textbook, which sold for $53

I’m at the point in my life were I value my time more than money. It’s not that I don’t value money, it’s that I realize my work is worth more, I guess I value myself and my skills more, I’m older and wiser than I was in my twenties, and to be quit honest going through a divorce recently toughened me up and changed the way I work and value my time. When I was in my twenties I was ok with making $10 an hour at a 9 to 5…here’s the thing I learned over the years though.You have to find a way to work smarter not harder. I think a lot of us don’t learn this until we are older and we also decide to start making our money work hard for us rather than working so hard for our money. More on this subject later. This is something that Dave Ramsey teaches. I highly recommend his financial advice and books for anyone struggling in this department.

When deciding to go back to work as a mom, or really anyone going back to work, you really have to focus on the amount it costs you to work for that _ an hour, for me I just interviewed for a seemingly great job part time for supplemental income after realizing they start @$10 an hour, it wasn’t so appealing anymore. I can’t take a job making $10 an hour if I know I could make three times as much or more at home. Here are some factors that I factored in to decide if I could take this job or not.

The number one factor. Childcare. One son will be in school (in August) for summer I would have to pay for two. For one child in my area it’s still $100 a week. The job only pays $250 a week. So just after childcare I’m left with $50, now let’s think about things like gas, food, clothing and taxes.

I would actually be in the red about $100 a month I calculated by taking this jobChild Support. I would be losing about half of this income by taking this job.

All things considered I would be actually making around $4 an hour. Do you think I can make up the difference and bring in an extra $4 an hour? The answer is yes! And you can too!

I’m sorry but isn’t that sad? I wonder how many other moms are in this same dilemma, they want to work outside the home but can’t because they make more money staying home. I guess it is sad but true. This is actually the person I write for, the moms that are in this situation. But that’s ok, because there is hope. There are ways around this problem. Work at home! You can follow my work at home blog for more tips and advice.

Just a little food for thought for anyone thinking about going back to a “traditional” job.

More on this subject later, I really feel like this is an important topic!



100 Top Companies with Remote Jobs in 2016 – FlexJobs

We are excited to announce the release of our third annual list of the 100 top companies to watch for remote jobs in the year ahead! Check it out!

Source: 100 Top Companies with Remote Jobs in 2016 – FlexJobs



To view more information about each company, and see its past job openings, click the company name. FlexJobs members will also see current open jobs. Not yet a FlexJobs member? Register now to get access to thousands of flexible and remote job listings from over 40,000 companies!

  1. LiveOps **
  2. TeleTech **
  3. Amazon **
  4. Sutherland Global Services **
  5. UnitedHealth Group **
  6. Dell **
  7. IBM
  8. U.S. Department of Agriculture **
  9. Working Solutions **
  10. Humana **
  11. Aetna **
  12. Intuit **
  13. Kaplan **
  14. Kelly Services **
  15. Cactus Communications **
  16. Westat **
  17. Salesforce **
  18. PAREXEL **
  19. CyberCoders
  20. American Express **
  21. VMware **
  22. SAP **
  23. Xerox **
  24. First Data **
  25. US-Reports **
  26. Oracle
  27. CACI International
  28. A Place for Mom
  29. Anthem, Inc. **
  30. Dell SecureWorks
  31. World Travel Holdings **
  32. ADP **
  33. Aon **
  34. University of Maryland University College **
  35. Allergan Inc
  36. K12 **
  37. U.S. Department of Transportation **
  38. CSI Companies
  39. Robert Half **
  40. Nielsen **
  41. Red Hat **
  42. Adobe Systems
  43. Overland Solutions, Inc. **
  44. BCD Travel
  45. Connections Education **
  46. Deloitte **
  47. Apple **
  48. McKesson Corporation **
  49. Thermo Fisher Scientific **
  50. Precyse **
  51. Haynes & Company **
  52. Pharmaceutical Product Development Inc.
  53. IT Pros Philadelphia
  54. Cigna **
  55. Houghton Mifflin Harcourt **
  56. Sungard Availability Services
  57. Infor
  58. Sodexo **
  60. Altegra Health
  61. GE – General Electric
  62. Western Governors University **
  63. Grand Canyon University
  64. Walden University
  65. Vivint
  66. BroadSpire
  67. Covance **
  68. Ellucian
  69. HD Supply **
  70. Perficient Inc.
  71. Teradata **
  72. Wells Fargo **
  73. Symantec Corporation
  74. Real Staffing **
  75. Science Applications International Corporation – SAIC **
  76. AmerisourceBergen Corporation
  77. Appen **
  78. Hartford Financial Services Group
  79. RetailData
  80. SYKES
  81. CSRA
  82. Citizens Financial Group
  83. CVS Health
  84. Healthfirst **
  85. American Heart Association **
  86. BMC Software
  87. hibu
  88. inVentiv Health **
  89. Rosetta Stone
  90. Erie Insurance Group **
  91. Worldpay **
  92. Clevertech **
  93. Achieve Test Prep **
  94. Deluxe **
  95. DataStax **
  96. CDK Global **
  97. Teleflex
  98. Aquent **
  99. Parallon
  100. U.S. Department of the Interior



Hustling Housewife Series:#3 Another stream of income: Etsy shop





We have all heard about etsy right? For those of you that don’t know, etsy is a handmade website for creative’s and artisans all over the world. You can find everything from a dog tutu to a blog templates, wait, what? Yes, you can even sell digital products! More on this later but this is a very good thing. Omg, did I just channel Martha Stewart on that one? Ok, back to business.

If you are creative in any way you may want to consider starting an etsy shop. If you have even ten hours a week to dedicate to it. You can get it up and running in no time.

Here’s how I got started with etsy. I was at a really hard place in my life, I was struggling with infertility. I came to the realization that I probably wouldn’t be able to have kids after ten years,  three surgeries for endometriosis, and with the third ending in the removal of one ovary. I needed a distraction, something to throw myself into full force to get my mind focused in something else. I thought about it for awhile, then stumbled upon etsy, it was perfect. Finally a place to sell the things I had been making for years. I started sewing when I was 8 years old and I loved it, I even considered going to the Fashion Institute of San Fransico in high school, but after I graduated I followed my boyfriend( who later became my husband, now ex) to Oregon, to get out of my mom’s house really.

I started sewing again when I was around 20 years old. I started spending a lot of money on the supplies needed to make all the things I was crafting. The main expenditure being fabric. So it was either stop sewing or find a way to save on fabric. I ended up upcycling old clothing, sheets, pillow cases, really anything that had a large amount of usable fabric. I then started making quilts, dresses, purses, hats, even dog clothes, anything I felt like making. I ended up settling on women’s clothing.

I then started my shop and it actually did pretty well, I ended up starting another shop, which is now closed, to expand my customer base. I was selling things like custom swimsuits for upwards of $120 each. Times sure have changed and now it seems like everyone and their grandma has an etsy shop, it’s a pretty staturated market now, and etsy started allowing other items that were manufactured into the market place, which was a bad mistake. There is just no way to compete with manufactured items when you only make handmade items. Something handmade just can’t be sold for the same amount or you wouldn’t make any money. So that’s the bad news.

Here’s the good news. You can still open a shop and be successful but it takes a very strategic plan. You need amazing lighting, great pics and a great presentation. I even recently invested in a full size mannequin to boost my sells.


pastel tunic front full view

This is the best deal I have found online for full sized mannequins

Here is the link to this one.


After presentation, the next thing to do is market your  items on all social media outlets like, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and above all Pintrest. You need to analyse your competition and see what they are pricing their items at that are similar.

Another  important tip. Keep your expenses low. You really don’t need to invest in much from the get go. You can take pics with your iPhone or android phone, you can find supplies at thrift stores, yard sales, or even go through what you already have. You can even find crafting supplies at the Dollar Tree. I’ve seen everything from glue, floral items, felt, paint, plaster, modge podge. Think outside the box, I’ve even got some good ideas by going to my local hardware store. There might be something you could use there. Cut pipe cut for bracelets, washers painted and used for jewelery, use what you have and what you can get cheap or even free. Maybe even repurpose things like milk jugs you could cut them and use them for something. You could save baby food jars and make bath products and decorate the jar really cute. The sky’s the  limit.


Here’s a handmade bracelet cuff.

*More on etsy to come. Also, check out Renae Christine on youtube. She’s an Etsy guru. She helps launch etsy businesses and gives tips, tricks and ideas on getting started and being successful with your handmade business.*



The dark side of blogging!

lady with computer


I always knew in my heart that I should be working an “unconventional” kind of job, no, not pole dancing or singing on Broadway but *gasp* writing and blogging.

I should have listened to my gut instinct years ago, but instead I pressed on , doing the whole daily grind thing, like a rat on a proverbial wheel.I kept trying to fit into a mold that society crafted a long time ago, like a two year old trying to fit a square block into a round hole ( ok, enough analogies already right?), it just wasn’t working, and I was miserable.

I knew I had a passion for writing, for business and for helping people,with the work I do now, I fulfill all facets of my passions. Sounds amazing right? But wait! Could I actually make money doing what I love I asked myself. It’s not rocket science creating a website or blog it’s easy right? Then comes the challenging part. Growing an audience and monetizing you blog for income.

Let’s take a step back to 2010. After I gave birth to my first son I stumbled across a blog called one day when my two month old was napping.It was out of necessity that I came across this website, because quite honestly I was scared! Let’s be real! I was freaking out! My husband had just lost his job and I was a stay at home mom…we had no income briefly, yes a very trying time in my life and I’ve had quite a few of those. What I’ve learned from the struggles is this, in the most challenging times is actually when we experience the greatest discoveries. When we are tested and backed into a corner, what I like to refer to as ‘sink or swim time’ only then do we have a period of self discovery and growth

Would I be a bloggger had I not went through the challenges? Would my passion be helping moms who are in the same position I once was, probably not.

In the months to come I became so excited about money saving and couponing that I ended  up starting my blog (yes it was free, I had no money)

I eventually also wrote a best selling ebook on secret couponing strategies. Here’s the link if you would like to check this out.

extreme couponing ebook

Just copy and paste this code into browser

So, that’s how this whole ‘blogging thing’ came about.

Now on to the dark side of blogging

Here are things no one tells you about blogging…

The struggle is real. If you are starting a blog for just income alone, you are in the wrong business.You will not make a living the first month, the second or maybe even in a year. For me it started as a hobby and it was free. Blogging for me was a way to vent and help other moms, it was my creative outlet when my son napped. Sure I wanted to make money with it. I just didn’t have the tools to do it right. In October of last year I decided I would either delete my blog and four years worth of posts, or I would give it everything I had and absorb as much knowledge as I can about this industry. I’ve spent countless hours doing research, watching videos, podcasts, youtube videos, reading my favorite blogs, looking into social media marketing and SEO.

Your blog title is the core of your business. Don’t pick something in five minutes. Think long term. Are you going to hate it five years from now? I do. I wish I would have put more thought into my other blogs title. I was trying to be cutesy and clever, oh yeah,  and momsfrugalfinds was taken. So, the name didn’t catch on and now it just looks like I’m illiterate. Think about what your blog is about and don’t have such a narrow focus in mind that you can’t expand and  grow. Make sure it tells potential readers what they are clicking on. I kind of wish I didn’t use the word ‘frugal’ in the title too because it kind of gives the impression of someone re-using paper towels and pulling apart 2-ply toliet paper (Tyra Banks does this). Extreme frugality isn’t what my blog is about. It is more about living a good life on the cheap. I still like nice things like designer clothes, I just refuse to pay full price, like ever.While there are a lot of very successful frugal living blogs, it is kind of self limiting.

It’s pretty cut throat. It’s not for wimps.You will be putting yourself out there which opens the door for negativity and criticism. You have to be able to take rude messages with a grain of salt. I just have to remember if someone is taking the time to read my post then they are still making me money in the long run, hater or not.Some people feel so protected by the internet that they can just say anything they feel or they are just bored and want to stir the s$%t pot(who ever stirs licks the spoon right?) Ok that was just wrong.I’m obviously getting so tired right now I’m losing it). You have to understand not everyone is going to agree with what you have to say, and that’s ok. It opens up interest as well as conversation and that’s what you want.

The hours are awesome but they also suck at the same time. What do I mean by this? Sure, you can set your own hours it’s 12:40a.m as I type this so some days (early mornings rather) I can work when my kids sleep which is wonderful…but. Yes, there’s a but and a big one at that. The hours are grueling. You might be working 60 hours a week to get your blog really up and running, to gain followers, set up social media, market social media, design pin and blog posts and still make time for family, friends, cleaning, phone calls, helping out at your sons school, etc. There is just not enough time in my day, ever. I never feel like I got everything done at the end of each day. I always feel like I’m slacking in one area or another. As women we try to be everything to everyone, we just can’t *period*. My son always picks out super woman t-shirts for me when we go shopping, I’m obviously not superwoman but he thinks I am and that’s ok with me. As long as he’s happy, I’m happy. I have to keep reminding myself to slow down and just be present in the moment. Make time. Schedule well and delegate tasks.

It takes money! Yes you can start free but to take it from blog to business it is going to take money! Once I realized this myself and started to put a little money here and there into it. I started seeing progress and gaining momentum. Let me tell you FIverr has been a god send for my business. Using this service has saved me time, money and my sanity.

Sometimes you have to be a b@#ch! Being nice doesn’t get you paid. Don’t devalue yourself by giving too many things away free or trading services. If someone wants your services, set your price, be fair but firm. Once you start seeing value in your work, others will too.

More blogging tips to come! Stay tuned for more helpful insight and a little craziness!







How to start a home based business on a shoestring budget



How to start a home based business on the cheap!

Do you want to start a home based business on a shoestring budget?

There are a lot of businesses you can start at home for literally no investment! Most of us already have the main components of a home based business. A home for one (just kidding), a computer/ printer, workspace, closet, corner or whatever, you see where this is going right? You are really half way there. Now to decide what kind of business you should start….

My moment of clarity came when I started selling on eBay over a decade ago…It was what some call an  “ah-ha” moment, it was the moment I got my first paypal payment for a mere $19 dollars and realized, OMG I really can make money online! I actually have been researching work at home opportunities for a long time. Even in high school when I started babysitting for a lady that sold Amway, who did really well I might add. Just taking a babysitting job when I was 15  really opened my eyes to all of the possibilities of starting a business ( and I haven’t stopped obsessing over it since), and not only starting a business, but growing a successful work at home business. If you are looking for a way to either stay home with your kids, earn a little extra for a vacation, or just be able to build up an emergency rainy day fund, look no further. I’m here to help you start a business with either no money or very little money.

Ask yourself these questions. I know right? A test?! Trust me this one will be an eye opener and will lay the foundation for a successful start….


First, think about your skill set. What are you good at? Are you good at sales? Marketing? Are you good with graphic or web design? These are all skills that are valuable when starting a home based business.

What kind of jobs have you had in the past? Did you work in the medical field? Maybe you could get into transcription.Or take inbound medical questions for a call center.Real estate? You could do this at home no problem What about banking? Start a financial consulting business. Try to stick with what you know.

What jobs did you like? If you liked admin. work then a home based virtual assisting business might be your cup of tea, if you liked working at a clothing store then maybe you could get into re-selling designer clothing.

Which jobs did you absolutely dread? You know the ones right? The ones where the count down is on, and you watch the clock every five minutes. Or you absolutely have no motivation to go there everyday and find yourself dragging your butt in every morning.

How much money are you willing to invest? Most of us could find a hundred or two hundred dollars to invest in a business that could make you a full time income. With any business you will eventually have to invest a little money, whether it be on business cards, hosting or shipping supplies, a new computer or software.

How much time do you have to invest?This is a biggie, the less money you have to invest, the more time you are going to have to devote to your new business. Simply because time= money. If you can’t hire anyone for a while then the bulk of the work falls on your lap.

Answering these questions should help you identify the kind of home based business you should start. Here are some ideas…

Zero investment

Ebay. I love ebay for so many reasons. Ebay not only allowed me an extra income when I needed it the most, when I was going to school full time and my husband (now ex) lost his job, it also allowed me to take a vacation to see a long lost relative, but it also gave me the mindset that I could really make a real sustainable income at home. Ebay taught me so many invaluable business skills;  packing, shipping, inventory, postage, dealing with customers and customer service issues, to printing labels and packing slips, finding merchandise to sell and pricing it right. Ebay was the perfect start for me and I think it could be a wonderful first step in learning  the ropes to running a successful home based business. I learned so much, and it was all free training and free to set up. Even if you don’t stick with ebay, set up an account and sell a few items you no longer need to get a real feel for running a business a home. One thing you need to keep in mind is you will need a space to store your ebay and shipping items so if you live in a New York City studio, this might not be the best business for you.

Etsy. If you do any kind of crafting like sewing, crocheting, painting, ceramics or even making soap, you should start a business on Etsy. Etsy is like the ebay of handmade items. It’s really easy to set up a shop. You can set one up in literally minutes. Take some awesome pics, write a great description and your off and running. Link to your PayPal account (like ebay) and you are off and running.

Blog. You can start a blog free. I think if you have a great idea and you love writing why not start a blog? A blog is like a launching pad for many different business ventures. There are so many things you can do with a blog. You can sell items for another company, do product reviews, generate income through affiliate marketing or even create your own products like ebooks and courses. Blogs are more popular than ever, when I first started blogging five years ago, no one knew what the heck a blog was, now everyone has a blog, from authors to stay at home moms. There’s always room for more bloggers. I personally read dozens and I also have other lifestyle blogs. I started my first blog on Google blogger, which is a free platform anyone can use to start a blog. Mine started as a coupon and money saving blog, while I still have this blog my passion is helping other mom’s become successful and self sufficient….at home. You will eventually want to invest a little money if you want to get serious about blogging though and that’s the downside. I tried to do it free and it didn’t work, when I got serious about blogging and put in a little money things started happening. I think starting on a free platform is good though because what if you don’t like it, or have no time for it. No money is lost,…on to the next adventure. You can also start in wordpress too, which is a little more complex, but if you know blogging is for you then by all means start in wordpress. If you have any questions about either if these platforms I would be happy to help (btw this blog uses a free theme right now), I only paid for domain registration for this blog which was around $12, through the always have specials to for .99.. Speaking of that, I paid for a .com but someone else ones it so it’s pending….for now it’s a .org.

Craigslist flipper. Yes, you can start a business using this free website. Millions use this website everyday, why not you? There are several ways you can use this website to start you business. You can buy and sell items or you can sell services. You could get free items like furniture, you can find, re-paint and flip. Put that sucker back on craigslist or drop off at a local consignment store. This is something I’ve been doing for years and its fun! You can also sell services. Are you good at graphic design? Can you write resumes, prepare taxes, are you good with QuickBooks(yuck), can you fix a computer? Or set up a website? If so sell your services.

Free freelancing websites.



Task Rabbit



People per hour



Problogger job board



Direct sales


Linen World

Selling much more than their name implies, Linen World sells linens, toys, home decor, organizational solutions, kitchen products and much more. Absolutely FREE to join. Earn 20% commission on all sales.


Rated the number one direct sales company in the world, with net sales reaching over 11 billion in 2011 alone. Avon sells old time beauty favorite like Skin So Soft and new and exciting skincare products like the ANEW product line. Only $15 to get started.

Jewelry Candles

Sells candles and soaps each with a hidden jewel inside. Startup cost is just $10 and consultants can earn 20% to 25% commission on sales.

Country Gourmet Home

Sells gourmet soup mixes, seasonings, dips and more. The advanced consultant plan is $9.95 plus the cost of your kit (ranges from $6.75 – $69.00). Consultants earn between 20% to 45% commission.

Fuller Brush Company

Sells household and industrial cleaning products, personal care items, and more. Consultants can earn 20% to 46% commission on retail sales. The basic business building kit starts at just $14.95.

Simply Fun

Sells board games, family activities, brainteasers, puzzles, and puppets for all age ranges. Startup cost is just $19 and consultants at this level earn 15% commission on sales.

Bella Branch

Sells personalized photo jewelry. Affiliates can earn 25% commission and the initial startup fee is $19.95. There is also a monthly fee of $12.95 for your website. They currently have a deal where you can earn $5 for joining and an additional $10 for each new affiliate who signs up under you.


Sells handcrafted baskets and other home decor items. Startup costs run between $19 for the Easy Starter Kit, or $49 for the Business Basic Kit. Active military and their spouses can sign up for free.


Sells essential oils, diffusers, and other wellness products. Get started for $35. Consultants earn 25% commission on all retail sales.

JR Watkins

Sells natural home care cleaning supplies, gourmet foods, personal care products, and apothecary products. Startup cost is $39.95 and consultants can earn between 25% to 39% commission on sales.

Team BeachBody

Sells the grueling P90X workout system as well as workout programs, shakes, supplements, nutritional bars, and fitness gear. With a low startup cost of $39.95 and a monthly recurring fee of $15.95 – this could be a great home-based business opportunity for the fitness enthusiast.


Sells jewelry and undercover wear like pajamas, lingerie, and body lotions. Just $39.95 to start and consultants can earn 25% commission on retail sales.

Mia Bella

Sells gourmet candles, melts, soaps, as well as a skincare line. Startup costs are $39.95 per month and are open to both US and Canadian residents.

Gold Canyon Candles

Sells candles, scent pods, warmers, diffusers, home cleaning products, and more. Just $40 to get started with next two payments of $42.50 for a total kit price of $125. Or you can get your Business Builder Kit for free if you sell $600 in your first 45 days. Consultants earn 25% to 36% commission. Available for both US and Canadian residents.

Rodan & Fields Dermatologist

Sells revolutionary skin care products backed by science, business opportunity starts at $45.

Juices Plus

Sells juice powder concentrates from 25 different fruits, vegetables, and grains. Startup starts at $50 and consultants can make 6% to 22% commission on sales. Affiliated with the DSA and the Better Business Bureau.


Sells innovative, quality skincare products. Business opportunity starts at $57.

South Hill Designs

Sells custom lockets and jewelry. Startup kit starts at $59 and consultants can earn up to 40% commission on sales.

Looking for more home-based business opportunities — check out the best products to sell at home.



Direct sales list courtesy of The Work At Home Woman

18 Home Businesses You Can Start For Less Than $59

I highly recommend this website as a great resource for starting a work at home business


There are so many home based businesses you can start for very little money. If you would like a personal skype consult to find out which business opportunity would be best for you contact me directly Sandi@

I’ve tried out and tested a lot of work at home companies, I have done extensive research on this topic and I can tell you what works for me, what doesn’t and even help you set up a blog.

Wishing you home business success!


Hustling Housewife Series: Starting a blog for profit… (simple Steps)!


laptop pic


Hustling Housewife Series: Starting a blog for profit… (simple Steps)!


How do you start a blog for profit? So you want a home business or side hustle but don’t know where to start? Here’s the first step. Evaluate what you like, as well as what you are good at. You should start by asking yourself the following questions….

What do I enjoy doing?

What would I do free?

What do I do for fun in my spare time?

What jobs have I had that I really enjoyed doing?

When thinking about starting a side business or full time home business you need to think about these things because, if you enjoy your work, it won’t feel like work. I love blogging and writing, to me it’s fun. I find myself daydreaming about my next post or ebook. My passion is helping other moms create businesses plans to be able to find that elusive balance we all long for, right moms? Are you with me?

So back to business… How to start a blog from scratch

#1 WordPress or blogspot? You need a platform. If you are a newbie blogger and have no technical or little technical experience I would highly recommend blogspot which is through Google. Blogspot is very easy to set up, if you already have a Google account you just have to go to settings to set up from there. Blogspot walks you through the process. You will be hosted through blogger so there is no fee for hosting…there is also no domain, the downside to this is less visibility, but even so, it is a good choice to get started to get a feel for blogging and see if you like it before stepping up. Or you can jump right in, head first, and go with WordPress, now for me personally, I started with blogspot and I think that is the best way to get a feel for blogging, others might disagree. WordPress is a little more complex but you can customize themes and make your blog look a lot more polished and professional. There are free themes that look pretty nice ( see bottom of this one)and you can even add social media links on some. The coding and monetizing is more complex, I had to have someone help me with mine in the beginning on my other blog


You will need a niche. I started out with a coupon blog five years (still have it as well) ago that has evolved to a money saving and home business blog. It is still weird saying, ‘business’. Sorry about that. It’s weird when you take your blog, from blog to business. About six months ago I was at a crossroads with blogging and I was frustrated, I was actually going to delete my blog that I put so much work into and almost 1000 posts. I thought to myself I’m either all in or all out. If I’m all in I’m going to find out everything I can about blogging, writing, monetizing, social media, marketing, and really business in general. It is going so much better since I made that decision.

Back to your niche. Again, think about what you enjoy. You don’t want to pick a subject that will be boring, for you or your readers. Here are some ideas Kids/family Fashion, Technology, Art, DIY, Home Decor also financail planning blog are HUGE right now!


You will need to come up with an amazing name. You want it to be about the topic you will be blogging about, but not so specific that it constricts your creativity. Think outside the box. What do you look up? What kinds of content? Is there a way of combining all things you love? If so, make the title a general, catchy title, about that theme. Love cooking, decorating and organizing? How about or or something you can identify with that is easy to remember. Those might be taken, but those are just some ideas.


Make Youtube your BFF. I seriously don’t know what I would have done without Youtube. Youtube is an invaluable resource for setting up a blog for the first time. If you need help setting up your blog, go here. This is my go to resource for all things techincal. I’ve looked up how to make a facebook badge, how to install plug-ins and more. I would also be happy to answer any questions you have. You can email me Attention Sandi @


Start creating amazing content. Create catchy titles and try to think like the reader and don’t forget to use relevant tags and keywords. Try to keep your content appealing to the eye as well by adding amazing pics and make the pic PIN worthy as well, more on this later.


Consider buying a domain. I use godaddy for domains. You an do this later it doesn’t matter, but if you have an amazing website name that you are worried someone might take, snatch it up now. Sometimes godaddy has domains for .99 be sure to check out websites like retailmenot for coupon codes before checkout to save big. Once you have your domain you can re-route your blog to your new domain. Here’s an example. I just set up a wordpress site a while ago… (so this means it was free and hosted through wordpress) now I bought a domain the one I wanted was was sold so I went with so when you now type in it automatically is re-routed to the new website. You can check out my theme I’m using there too. This is a free theme and I have all my social media links


Show me the money! Ok, so at this point you are probably thinking so, how do I make money from my blog? This is where it gets a little tricky. Ok, so here’s the thing. I wouldn’t monetize your blog when you first start. The first thing you need to focus on is great content and driving traffic. Without traffic you won’t have visitors clicking on ads or buying products and without great content they won’t even come. You need to be able to reel them in! After you have been posting consistently for a few months at least a few times or more a week then think about putting up ads. If you have google blogspot. It’s relavily easy to set up one affiliate ad network and that is google adsense. Google picks the right ads for you. All you do is go to your google blog settings to set this up. Then look into other affiliate programs that would work for your website. I use Amazon Affiliates, adsense, zulily, ebay, avon (I sell it), etsy (I have a shop), and a few others.


Create other sources of income! Consider your blog a launching pad for other ventures. Most bloggers make most of their money from other resources and products like, books, ebooks, courses, newsletters, emails, products they created or sell and speaking or teaching gigs as well as things like web design and business consulting.


Don’t turn your back on social media! After your blog is all set up, take the time to make your social media accounts that are cohesive with your blog, as in the same name, I’m so guilty of this one, I got lazy with this and paid the price. It confuses visitors if you use a different social media account than your blog. Take the time to set this up and you won’t be disappointed. Also make it a personal experience, people love to read background stories about the blogger, don’t leave this out. Make your about me page engaging and your picture professional. I am loving Pintrest and I have read that it is following closely behind Facebook in popularity. Do not overlook this resource. Learn photo shop or use a photo editing website like picmonkey (which I used for the pic on this post) or This is what I meant when I said make your photos ‘pin worthy’ you want to be able to make them shareable on Pintrest. Make viewers have no choice but to click on your pin! Don’t forget to share your posts on social media. I share mine on Twitter, facebook (just started), google+, and especially Pintrest if nothing else. I will be signing up for Instagram soon.


Focus on building your email list! You can use a free mail service like Mailchimp that helps you organize emails and bring in subscribers. This is super important and something that I learned the hard way, I learned a ton about blogging through trial and error from five years of blogging. If I only knew then what I know now. Oh well, passing on the info to help other moms, so they won’t make the same mistakes I did.

Hope these tips help get you started, more home business ideas and side hustles to come!